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Sandra Lambert July 11,1994 - Nov 25th, 2015 RIP

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Sandra Lambert July 11,1994 - Nov 25th, 2015 RIP

Postby slaytman » November 27th, 2015, 3:22 pm


Sandra passed away on the morning of the 25th. This was unexpected. She has always pulled through. This time the infection won. About a month ago she had pneumonia, she seemed to fight that off. She started having lots of nose bleeds, no energy and the appetite was gone.

On the 24th, she was rushed by ambulance to the ER. Heart faliure, water on the lungs, extreme dehydration, atrial fibrillation, and infection in both her blood and urine. She was listed as critical condition. Arrangements were made to have her transported from Elkhart, IN to Ann Arbor, MI so she could be with the transplant team. She died within the 3 am hour.

She wanted to be cremated and the family is trying to grant her last wishes. She was not eligible for burial insurance. As of right now, everything needs to come out of pocket. We are hoping that Medicaid will be able to help pay but that has not been confirmed yet. Payment has to be made before any funeral home will do cremation and payment plans are not an option.

Any amount that does not get used on cremation will be going to a charity of the family's choosing.

Here's a little backstory on her:

In 1994, Sandra was born with a condition called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. I'll include a link at the bottom that explains what HLHS is. Since then Sandra had had numerous surgeries, one bowel, 5 open heart, one to place a pace maker, and one to replace the pace maker. She has also had countless procedures like heart catheterization done.
In 2011, Sandra went in for an experimental surgery to try to get more even blood flow to both lungs. They rerouted one of her arteries, essentially making it a round-a-about before it dispersed blood to the lungs.
Since then the words "heart transplant" have been thrown around ALOT. She had a transplant team but they are trying to hold off for as long as they can because once she receives a new heart she will need a new one every 10 years.
One of her transplant surgeons had an idea. There is a experimental surgery that has been done on 5 other kids that have similar problems to Sandra. The team decided they wanted to give it a go.
On July 10, the day before Sandra's 21st birthday, she went in for this experimental surgery. This surgery was similar to the one before, because they were still trying to get more even blood flow to her lungs. In this surgery, they placed a prototype that when the blood would filter through it, the blood would split at the top. In a way similar to how a water fountain jets water out of the top.

Cremation Funds for Sandra

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