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Postby slaytman » November 15th, 2008, 5:16 pm

In addition to the above image a tree saver strap and a line blanket should be a requirement.

The following are some links that will help you research proper techniques and safety when towing and recovering vehicles. Always read your manuals and respect the equipment you are using. You are working with lethal forces here.

This article is lengthy but covers about everything including some techical data and hoisting.

A shorter article just on recovery and towing straps...know the difference...

check out the tip on connecting 2 straps together...

great illustrations from Warn here...

One last article I found that was great on what to do in a rollover situation.
http://www.jpmagazine.com/techarticles/ ... index.html

Tip#1: Always hook upwards on a Clevis/D shackle. That way if the Clevis fails the hook will fly into the ground and not upward.
Tip#2: If no tow points exist hook into the frame through the d-slots..don't hook onto the axle.
Tip#3: Don't hook a recovery strap and a winch in line. That strap will act like a bungy cord.

Reference for recovery (check your owners manual):
09 Wrangler 4936-4803 LBS tow capacity of 2,000 Lbs
09 Grand Cherokee..6150-6100 LBS…7200-7400 lbs tow
09 Liberty… 5675-5600 Lbs 3500(sport)-5000(Ltd) tow
Surface resistance…LW = Loaded Weight
1/10 LW / free wheeling / hard, level surface.
1/3 LW / free wheeling / grass or gravel,
2/3 LW / wheels cannot rotate
100% of LW / mire depth of the sidewall on the tires.
200% of LW / mire stuck to the hubs.
300% of LW / mire stuck to the frame.

Remember that every situation is different. Take the time to analyse and then make a plan with safety in mind. You will be free and wheeln in no time.
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