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GEOCACHE Michiana Parks

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GEOCACHE Michiana Parks

Postby slaytman » May 17th, 2007, 8:19 am

Thanks to Liberty Blues for compilling this list....

Elkhart Parks

AmericanPark American Park N41 41.317 W85 57.352
AmericanPark1 American Park N41 41.453 W85 57.442
BakerPark Baker Park N41 40.735 W85 57.002
BeardsleyPark Beardsley Park N41 41.582 W85 58.539
BookerTWashingt Booker T Washington Park N41 40.469 W85 58.218
Burton-Upon-Tre Burton-Upon-Trent Park N41 41.175 W85 58.269
EdgewaterPark Edgewater Park N41 40.755 W86 00.007
ElliottPark Elliott Park N41 40.601 W86 01.655
F.O.P.Park F.O.P. Park N41 40.814 W85 57.368
HaydenPark Hayden Park N41 41.365 W86 00.002
HighDivePark High Dive Park N41 41.785 W85 58.045
LanglePark Langle Park N41 41.368 W85 58.743
LundquistBicent Lundquist Bicentennial Park N41 41.404 W85 58.125
McNaughtonPark McNaughton Park N41 40.668 W85 59.781
MoranPark Moran Park N41 40.171 W85 58.200
PulaskiPark Pulaski Park N41 41.592 W85 58.107
RainbowPark Rainbow Park N41 40.866 W85 59.330
RiverviewPark Riverview Park N41 41.268 W85 56.225
StudebakerPark Studebaker Park N41 40.557 W85 57.064
TolsonPark Tolson Park N41 40.547 W85 58.130
WalkerPark Walker Park N41 42.112 W85 55.609
WellFieldTrails Well Field Trails Park N41 41.765 W85 58.586
WestonPark Weston Park N41 41.381 W85 59.160
WillowdalePark Willowdale Park N41 42.056 W85 58.828

Goshen Parks

BurdickPark Burdick Park N41 34.382 W85 49.880
DykstraPark Dykstra Park N41 35.379 W85 48.783
GoshenMillraceC Goshen Millrace County Park N41 33.728 W85 50.081
JohnoAbshirePar John o Abshire Park N41 35.368 W85 49.015
McFarlandPark McFarland Park N41 35.340 W85 49.481
MillracePark Millrace Park N41 34.483 W85 50.137
OakridgePark Oakridge Park N41 35.716 W85 50.387
ShanklinPark Shanklin Park N41 34.542 W85 50.217
WalnutPark Walnut Park N41 35.675 W85 50.001
WaterTowerPark Water Tower Park N41 34.529 W85 49.635

South Bend Parks

AlonzoWatsonPar Alonzo Watson Park N41 40.307 W86 15.683
AmgPark Amg Park N41 38.984 W86 15.251
BellevillePark Belleville Park N41 39.687 W86 18.989
BoehmPark Boehm Park N41 41.682 W86 12.035
BolandPark Boland Park N41 42.993 W86 17.632
BoothTarkington Booth Tarkington Park N41 41.950 W86 11.829
BrownfieldPark Brownfield Park N41 41.564 W86 15.822
ClayTownshipPar Clay Township Park N41 44.164 W86 15.923
CoquillardPark Coquillard Park N41 41.134 W86 14.118
EdisonPark Edison Park N41 41.476 W86 12.431
ForestPark Forest Park N41 37.189 W86 14.864
FreemontPark Freemont Park N41 42.020 W86 17.105
HamiltonPark Hamilton Park N41 41.044 W86 17.020
HarrisonPark Harrison Park N41 40.263 W86 17.617
HelmanPark Helman Park N41 41.445 W86 12.024
HowardPark Howard Park N41 40.505 W86 14.524
KellerPark Keller Park N41 42.148 W86 15.678
KellyPark Kelly Park N41 41.304 W86 14.409
KennedyPark Kennedy Park N41 41.038 W86 17.331
LaSallePark La Salle Park N41 40.539 W86 17.743
LeeperPark Leeper Park N41 41.229 W86 15.261
MarshallPark Marshall Park N41 38.113 W86 13.458
MilitaryHonorPa Military Honor Park N41 41.950 W86 18.536
MuesselGrovePar Muessel Grove Park N41 41.404 W86 16.440
NakomisPark Nakomis Park N41 41.378 W86 15.235
NorthsideBoulev Northside Boulevard Viewing Park N41 40.176 W86 14.213
O'BrienPark O'Brien Park N41 37.861 W86 14.813
ParkovashPark Parkovash Park N41 41.517 W86 15.189
PinhookPark Pinhook Park N41 42.825 W86 16.273
PotawatomiPark Potawatomi Park N41 40.106 W86 12.920
PulaskiPark Pulaski Park N41 40.212 W86 16.219
RandolphStreetM Randolph Street Mini Park N41 39.352 W86 13.168
RavinaPark Ravina Park N41 39.540 W86 14.290
RiversideManorP Riverside Manor Park N41 43.662 W86 16.414
RumVillagePark Rum Village Park N41 38.852 W86 16.386
SchulmanPark Schulman Park N41 40.704 W86 12.047
SorinPark Sorin Park N41 41.077 W86 12.068
StJosephCounty4 St Joseph County 4-H Fairgrounds N41 37.323 W86 12.933
StPatricksCount St Patricks County Park N41 45.521 W86 16.010
VassarPark Vassar Park N41 41.383 W86 15.894
Veteran'sMemori Veteran's Memorial Park N41 39.674 W86 13.325
ViewingPark Viewing Park N41 40.176 W86 14.213
VoordePark Voorde Park N41 41.875 W86 17.614
WalkerFieldPark Walker Field Park N41 39.022 W86 16.172
WarrenTownshipP Warren Township Park N41 41.409 W86 23.037
WedgewoodPark Wedgewood Park N41 45.511 W86 15.001
WesthavenPark Westhaven Park N41 41.515 W86 18.361
WheelockPark Wheelock Park N41 43.825 W86 15.869
WoodlawnPark Woodlawn Park N41 42.478 W86 16.149
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Postby S.O.Shay » May 28th, 2007, 11:14 pm

I dont have a GPS locator. So if anyone has one and wants some company in helping to find some of these, I'd love to go. I love geocaching but i normally use my friends but she will be on vacation for 3 weeks and unable to let me borrow. LOL. :)
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Postby xjjeepthing » May 31st, 2007, 5:55 pm

If anybody ever gets to the Plymouth area there are a couple of nice Geos here.

1st Geo
Centennial Walk Across The Park

Milti- Stage Cache located in Centennial Park in Plymouth.

The first stage is a 35mm film container very well hidden. Both stages are located in less populated parts of the park, but please watch out for muggles. This is a very busy park. The coordinates for stage two are written on a piece of paper in the the film container. Write them down and replace exactly as you found it. The second stage is an ammo can very well hidden also. The original contents include a travel bug, key chains, 2 bouncing balls, note holder, a lanyard , a pen and a log book.

N 41° 21.296 W 086° 18.580

2nd Geo
The Old West School Artesian Well
Buddaman's Description:
Located at the Old West School.

An artesian well allows water to rise to the surface that has traveled through porous rock from a higher elevation. This pumpless well seems to defy gravity because the pressure that builds up between layers of rock gets relieved when the water finds a path to the open air. For nearly a thousand years, people have drilled wells to drink such cold, filtered water that doesn't need to be hauled up from the depths.

An aquifer provides the water source for an artesian well. An aquifer is the layer of permeable rock, like limestone or sandstone, that absorbs water from an inlet path at high elevation such as the top of a mountain. The water source might be fed by snowmelt or precipitation. Porous stone is sandwiched between a top and bottom layer of an impermeable substance like clay soil or shale rock. This keeps the water pressure high, so that when you get to a point below the entryway of the flow, there is enough pressure to bring the water up. Natural springs form in the same way when a gap in the impermeable rock, maybe triggered by an earthquake, allows the water to rise to the surface.

Entire cities have relied on giant underground aquifers to provide fresh, cold water when there are no above-ground rivers. In 1126, monks used a rod with a sharp end, called a bore, to penetrate a layer of impermeable rock. Their percussive drilling, just hammering on the end of the bore, broke through with sheer human force. The water that rose had percolated through the pores of the rock, so that many contaminants have been filtered out, and it proved safer to drink than standing or river water.

Nowadays, if a town or residency needs water closer to the top of a mountain, they might lie above the line where there is enough pressure to push the water all the way to the surface. In this case, the aquifer can be accessed by drilling a relatively shallow well and then pumping the water up to ground level. Our well-drilling has progressed from hammers and bores, to machinery that twists a giant drill into the ground. Sometimes, if the pressure is especially strong, because the well is lower in elevation, the water might thrust up like a fountain, and form a geyser.

The name is now applied to wells of reasonable depth that produce water without the need for pumping.

N 41° 19.962 W 086° 24.340

Good luck all.
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